What to Wear for a Studio Photography Session

So, you've booked your family photoshoot, woohoo! It's a question I'm asked every week: What on earth do I wear? This is actually a really good question, because along with making sure your kiddos are fed, well rested and happy, your outfit choices are one of the biggest determiners of whether you'll be over the moon with your images. My studio is meticulously designed to be simple, pure and uncomplicated, and the outfits you and your family well can either compliment this, or distract!

Your outfits don't need to be expensive or fancy

In fact, usually simpler outfits work far better than over-complicated or fancy clothing. I always recommend that you dress in line with my studio colours: white, beige, stone and other neutrals work really beautifully against my backdrop. Equally, plain, uncomplicated outfits will make a big difference to your session. I 10000% recommend avoiding anything with writing or pictures, and take care when choosing patterns: the simpler the better!

Co-ordination is Key

I often am asked whether the whole family should match. They absolutely don't need to! I advise sticking within a colour palette: pick two or three colours that go well together, and choose clothing that sits within that palette, but take care not to have multiple shades and tones! If, for instance, you've decided to add in some pink to your wardrobe, pick a colour tone (eg, dusky pink) and try to make sure anyone with pink has a similar shade. This can be tricky with whites, creams and off whites: try to match the tone where you can!

Colour Palettes That Look Lovely...

Beige, Off White, Dusky Pink,

Stone, Cream

Blue, White, Grey

Beige, Brown, Cream

Brown, Burnt Orange, Off-White

Grey, White, Pink or Sage Green

Below are some items we love that are available right now....

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Other girls choices we love....

Billy Faiers @ Asda

White Maxi dress, M&S

girls beige dress @Amazon

Girls white dress, Monsoon

Other boys choices we love.....

Neutral outfit, M & S

Baby Outft, Newbie

Boys tracksuit, Tu @ Sainsbury's

Romper, Rocco and The Fox

Just some suggestions

Some Dos and Don'ts.....

  • DON'T match, co-ordinate! You definitely don't need to all wear the same, but choices that go together make a huge difference. Before your session, lay outfits out together to make sure they go.
  • DO chose a colour palette of two-three colours and stick to these.
  • DON'T put stiff dungarees on babies. They look adorable, but we will spend the whole session pulling them down. The same goes for big collars!
  • DO Avoid writing, pictures, characters and overly bold patterns!
  • DON'T overcomplicate, simple is great!
  • DO opt for soft textures, floaty dresses and chunky knits

Please remember, these are just suggestions! I would never expect anyone to conform to any particular outfit choices, these are just recommendations from my experience. I want you and your family to be comfortable in whatever you wear, so do not get stressed in choosing your studio wardrobe.

If you would like my advice or to ask any more questions, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!