Baby Photography and Cake Smash Photography

Baby and cake Smash, Newton abbot

That first year is flying by, isn't it?.....

In the blink of an eye, that tiny newborn is now smiling, and rolling. Crawling, and then walking. Making babbling noises that turn into words. It seems like every day, they've changed a little bit, and that every week they're doing something new that they weren't last week.

At whatever age they are, there is never a better time to photograph your growing baby. Maybe you missed the newborn photos, but want to capture them while they're still small. Maybe they're now sitting and exploring, and you want to photograph them before they learn to move. Maybe it's almost their birthday, and you'd like to celebrate their first year, successfully completed.

About Baby Photography and Cake Smash Sessions

I offer baby photography sessions at any stage, and cake smash sessions to celebrate their first birthday. Baby sessions are exactly what they sound like. They'e generally short, simple sessions that capture your little one while they're still tiny. You can have this at pretty much any age. If you have big siblings, they're of course welcome too, though these would be classed as a family session to make sure that everyone gets their moment to shine!

Cake Smash sessions offer so much in one session! The sessions start with individual baby photos and family and siblings photos. Then we bring out the cake and decorations (all provided by me) and we photograph your baby eating, playing with, destroying the cake. Then they get a 'splash session' where my little vintage bath comes out and they can enjoy a little splash in the tub. It really is a magical session that celebrates your baby and makes them the star. It's a lovely way to show off your baby's personality, as we really try to capture what makes them unique!

About cake Smash and Baby Photography

What if my baby doesn't eat the cake?

it doesn't matter! some babies eat the whole thing, some just throw it about, some like to pick at it delicately. That's what makes every session different!

Do I need to provide everything?

Only if you want to. I'm happy to provide everything, and I have a good range of outfits, colours and decorations. equally, if you have something special in mind, you're more than welcome to bring things along.

When should I book?

The earlier, the better. If you know you'll need a weekend, my Saturday availability is usually pretty low, so booking in sooner will mean it's more likely I can get you in. If you want your photos to be ready before your baby's birthday, book a date around month before.

My baby isn't sitting yet, is that OK for a baby session?

Of course! Babies of any age are welcome!

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